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Date: 2019-11-03

Flavio al Velavevodetto

Flavio al Velavevodetto is located in the slightly off-the-beaten-track Testaccio neighborhood of Rome, not far from the much more popular Trastevere area. There are many fantastic restaurants here but our favorite is Flavio al Velavevodetto. It’s built against the Monte Testaccio, a hill made of broken olive oil amphorae from Roman times, and you can see the amphorae if you sit inside the main dining room. In the summer there are a couple of terraces too.

This is a fantastic place to try classic Roman pasta dishes

Make New Friends In The Dinner Table Retrobottega

Retrobottega is really a unique experience and is just one of the favorite restaurants in town. Meet and be friends with so many fascinating people from all over the world from dining. It was among the first restaurants in Rome, where you share the table with other guests and interact with the chefs. They offer high quality, fine-dining cuisine in an informal setting, and moreover, they personally source wild herbs and fruits. They also have a fresh pasta atelier where they promote pasta and other food products, ideal to take home.

The Best Pizza In Rome

Seu Pizza Illuminati gets the best pizza in All Rome. The dough is light, fluffy and perfectly rose, and they use imaginative, flavorful toppings. La Gatta Mangiona was the very first place to serve a good pizza in Rome, so I am an aficionado!

When you're in Rome, do not miss trying pizza al taglio, a Roman staple. Gabriele Bonci's Pizzarium is deservedly the most well-known speech, yet there are many great areas to try this typical road food.


Never be disappointed at Barred, a little, unassuming bar, and restaurant operated by two young brothers. The food is yummy and creative without being pretentious, and in addition, they serve a fantastic cocktail and interesting natural wine. This is a superb spot to experience the local scene!

Vincenzo Mancino, a smart man who committed himself to find and promoting the very best products in the Lazio area. He's opened ProLoco Trastevere, which is both a shop selling amazing Lazio goods (such as cured meats, cheese, olive oil ), plus a restaurant serving typical local cuisine in the region. They also do incredible open and cocktails from noon to 1 am.

Contemporary Cuisine At A Beautiful Atmosphere Zia

Zia, a recently established restaurant serving great contemporary, creative food with a special and warm setting. The brand new bistronomique format in restaurant Marzapane will surprise you

Italian Classics with a  Divine View & Comforting Roman Dishes

Try out Cesare al Casaletto, which functions great traditional Roman cuisine and recipes at a simple, unfussy atmosphere.

Neighborhood Wine Bars

The newly opened Matiere Bar à Vin is a wine bar with an impressive selection of mostly French wines and great, simple food along with the proprietor, Paky Livieri, knows a good deal about wine!

La Barrique

La Barrique at Monti borough where you can grow your wine knowledge, by combining several great wines with friends and the owner, Fabrizio Gagliardi. Remigio is a comfy Champagne Bar and Barnaba is a"pub à vin" that also serves food.

See The Regional Food Market

To experience the local food culture, visit the Testaccio food marketplace, in which there are a number of great food stalls.

Rome's Best Burger Open Baladin

In order to get a good craft beer and the best burger in the city, visit Open Baladin at which you could feel in your home.

Il Pagliaccio

If you have something special to celebrate, like an anniversary or a birthday, choose Il Pagliaccio. It is another fantastic place for fine dining, and it's probably the most famous restaurant in Rome, concerning both food and ambiance.


Try  Pascucci al Porticciolo, which is just beyond the city. It's simply the best for creative recipes using outstanding fresh fish.

Out of town Sora Maria e Arcangelo

Out of town, Sora Maria e Arcangelo is where to go for a Sunday lunch to treat yourself with fantastic meals and a warm, unpretentious atmosphere.