Date: 2023-05-09

One of the regrets of the dying, according to Forbes* is that they spent too much time on meaningless work goals, choosing that over time spent with loved ones, building true intimacy and closeness. They also missed experiencing adventure and travel.

My husband echoed this sentiment the other day when he picked up an old family picture of us with our young children. He sighed. Running his finger across the frame, he said he wished he would have paused during those hectic times of being a young father to realize how lucky he was. If he had it do again, he would have sat back and just savored the sight of these three precious children, soaking them in.

I, too, wish I had paused to relish the childhoods of our children. I also think we can learn from our regrets. Gently squeezing his arm, I tell him it’s not too late. Excited now, I propose that he and I grab our son and two daughters, all together or one by one, and arrange for an adventure.

None of us have ever been to the British Isles. I would especially love to take our son on a relaxing trip where he could forget the stress of his job and just soak in the rolling green hills of Ireland, tour a historic castle, and finish the day by tipping back a Guinness at a local pub.


Giants Causeway Ireland


Our elder daughter, who puts up with Wisconsin winters, would relish a relaxing January or February stay at Florida’s Suncoast. As an organic farmer and someone who’s into caring for the environment, she’d love visiting the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Eco-Tour through the Florida wilderness.

Our younger daughter, a talented cook and foodie, would love to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine from the experts. One tour includes a pizza-making lesson, gelato-making demonstration, and pasta and pastry-making classes. She’d also love soaking in the breathtaking beauty of the island of Capri in Italy.         

I take the photo from my husband, set it back on the end table, and take his arm. Time is slipping by I say. Let’s look at our calendar and our finances. He tilts his head. Years from now we’ll look back at photos of time spent with our kids and we’ll be glad we traveled while we could. It’s my husband who pulls the calendar off of the fridge. Side by side, we flip the pages, ready to make lasting memories.


*Kabrino, Kathy, (2016, October 16). The Top  5 Regrets of Mid-Career Professionals. Forbes.


About the Author: Amy Laundrie is an author, blogger and avid traveler on several Mayflower trips.