Few domestic travel experiences are more Americana than a traditional Mississippi River Cruise. While no longer the mainstay of travel along the Mighty Mississippi, a traditional Steamboat offers a Riverboat Cruising experience untouched by more modern approaches.


We Begin Our Mississippi River Cruise

Memphis’s Graceland Groove and BBQ Bliss

The air crackles with anticipation in Memphis the mighty Mississippi looms on the horizon. Your vessel, a grand paddle-wheeler painted in shades of white and emerald, awaits: a floating palace ready to whisk you on a journey steeped in history, soul, and the undeniable charm of the American South. Graceland, Elvis Presley’s opulent estate, beckons with its pink flamboyance and rock ‘n’ roll lore. In the afternoon, the aroma of hickory smoke leads you to Beale Street, where blues guitarists weave magic with their fingers and ribs fall off the bone with a heavenly sigh.

As the evening unfolds, a live concert on the riverfront erupts, the music washing over you like the mighty Mississippi itself, a baptism of bourbon-soaked rhythm and soulful harmony.


Vicksburg’s Echoes of Valor and Blues

Vicksburg rises from the floodplain, a monument to sacrifice and resilience. The imposing fortress of Vicksburg National Military Park, scarred by cannon fire and time, echoes with the stories of the Civil War’s bloodiest siege. While this Mississippi River Cruise is traveling the waters, you will want to catch as much of the sites on shore as you can.

Later, delve into the vibrant blues scene of the city, where soulful melodies carried on the river breeze speak of struggle and hope, love and loss.

Natchez’s Grand Dames and River Bluffs

Natchez crowns the riverbank, a majestic city perched atop towering bluffs. Opulent mansions, adorned with gingerbread trim and lace ironwork, line the streets, each a testament to the city’s rich antebellum past. I

n the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, history comes alive, dancers adorned in feathers and beads retelling the stories of their ancestors under the moss-draped boughs. Evening finds you sipping mint juleps on a rooftop overlooking the river, the twinkling lights of passing barges reflected in the inky water like fallen stars.

St. Francisville’s Antebellum Enchantment

The river unfurls like a pearl-gray ribbon, past cotton fields and sleepy towns. In St. Francisville, time seems to have stood still. Antebellum mansions draped in Spanish moss whisper tales of plantation life, their wrought-iron gates leading to manicured gardens where magnolias bloom like porcelain dreams.

A carriage ride through the town square evokes a bygone era, the clip-clop of horses punctuated by the chiming of church bells and the scent of sweet tea simmering on verandas.

Baton Rouge Rhythms and Civil War Whispers

Baton Rouge rises from the riverbank, its red roofs and stately capitol dome glinting in the sun. Here, history whispers from every cobblestone, and a guided tour of the National WWII Museum transports you back to the thunder of D-Day, the poignant stories echoing in the hushed halls. In the evening, lose yourself in the electrifying beat of Zydeco music, swaying to the pulsating guitars and accordion melodies that ignite the streets like dancing flames.

Enrich your visual senses with the LSU museum of art, and be amazed at the collection of both professional and student pieces on display.

Bayou Mystique and Cajun Crossroads

As we proceed further south on our Mississippi River Cruise, the river widens, winding into a labyrinth of swamp and cypress. Here, the air hangs thick with the musky perfume of lilies and the mournful cry of herons. Along the edges of the swamps, you  can see deep into the bayou’s secrets, past gnarled cypress knees and glistening gator eyes, the guide’s stories revealing a world where folklore and reality tango in the murky water.

Later, in Houmas House, a grand antebellum mansion, you’ll feast on gumbo and jambalaya, the tangy flavors swirling on your tongue like the moss-draped Spanish oaks outside.

Waltz of Jazz and Creole Spice

As the calliope’s vibrant melody fills the air, you cast off from the Big Easy. New Orleans fades into a watercolor tableau of emerald balconies and wrought-iron lace, the last strains of Dixieland jazz echoing in your wake. Onboard, life takes on a languid rhythm. Days morph into a tapestry of sun-soaked decks, where mint juleps clink and tales of pirates and voodoo queens whisper on the breeze. Evenings morph into elegant affairs, with live jazz trios filling the grand ballroom and white-aproned waiters pirouetting between tuxedoed couples. The ambiance of a traditional Mississippi River Cruise along the Old Man River is like no other.

The first whiff of beignets hangs heavy in the air, mingling with the scent of river mud and magnolia, as you stand on the cobbled levee in New Orleans. The mighty Mississippi stretches before you, a shimmering, sun-dappled serpent writhing through the heart of America. Your vessel that has brought you all of this journey steeped in history, soul, and the undeniable charm of the American South.

With a wistful sigh, you disembark in New Orleans, the riverboat’s whistle a mournful serenade to the journey’s end. But the magic stays with you, the echo of paddle-wheels in your forever in your heart.