What makes a guided holiday with Mayflower Cruises & Tours a Life Enriching Experience?

Life Enriching Experiences are more than just a tagline. It is the basis for which we build each of our guided holidays. Travel is a perfect way to improve and maintain the quality of life as it enriches your mind, body and spirit. A guided holiday with Mayflower Cruises & Tours encompasses the five key elements of a Life Enriching Experience – emotional, social, educational, physical and spiritual.

Whether it’s standing in awe at the majesty of the Grand Canyon or returning to your roots in ancestral lands – traveling provides an undeniable and rewarding emotional experience.

A guided holiday offers the perfect opportunity to interact with your fellow travelers and the locals at each destination. Immerse yourself in local cultures and customs, learn a new language, share in those “must-see” and “must-do” highlights, and forge new friendships that last a lifetime.

Local historians and guides make a region come to life. Their first-hand knowledge and expertise reveal the secrets and local legends that enrich your touring experience. A guided holiday provides you with the history and culture of each destination that you might miss when touring on your own.

A guided holiday is more than simply “sight-seeing” – it’s “sight-doing!” Each holiday offers hands-on experiences that bring you closer to each destination. Whether its traversing America’s spectacular National Parks, riding aboard historic trains, or experiencing a safari in Africa, Mayflower Cruises & Tours has the perfect holiday for you.

Traveling is not only the discovery of a new place…but a rediscovery of one’s self. A guided holiday provides perspective as you journey to new and familiar locales – whether it’s relaxing along the ocean, taking in the majesty of nature or exploring the history of unique destinations…Life Enriching Experiences await your discovery on a holiday with Mayflower Cruises & Tours.