North America Air Holidays

North America Air Holidays

Terms and Conditions
Payment Information  |  Travelers Protection Plan

How to Make a Reservation
Call the Mayflower Cruises & Tours or visit our website – or contact your local travel professional. Please provide the full first and last names of travelers as it appears on photo ID or passport and include address, phone number, tour name and departure date. Space will be held until deposit is received which is due within five business days after your reservation.

Reservation Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Central Time

Payment Information: Listed below is a schedule of deposit and final payment due dates. You will note that the first category includes an optional Travelers Protection Plan (TPP) which is to be paid within five business days after your reservation. Please see “Travelers Protection Plan (TPP)” section on the next page for further explanation of this benefit. 


Deposit Schedule – Land tour price up to $3,500


Land Tour with Air*                Deposit Per Person                     Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                          $400                                     60 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                     $200                                     60 Days


Land Tour Only**                   Deposit Per Person                     Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                          $350                                      60 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                     $200                                      60 Days


Deposit Schedule – Land tour price from $3,501 and up


Land Tour with Air*                Deposit Per Person                     Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                          $449                                      60 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                    $200                                      60 Days


Land Tour Only**                   Deposit Per Person                     Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                          $400                                      60 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                    $200                                      60 Days


Deposit Schedule: Alaska Cruise, Hawaiian Cruising in Paradise, Canadian Rockies by Rail, New England & Canada Autumn Cruise


Land/Cruise Tour with Air*     Deposit Per Person                       Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                         $799                                        120 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                    $400                                        120 Days


Land/Cruise Tour only**         Deposit Per Person                       Final Payment

• With TPP Coverage                         $739                                       120 Days

• Without TPP Coverage                   $400                                       120 Days

**Land tour price is based on twin occupancy rate


Refund and Cancellation Policy: All payments for land, air and train arrangements (ticketed by Mayflower Tours)
will be refunded when cancellations are more than 60 days prior to departure less the deposit amount, which is
non-refundable, unless otherwise noted below. If you purchase the optional Travelers Protection Plan (TPP), you
will be refunded all payments, including the deposit amount, less the TPP premium amount.


*Exception: If you purchased non-refundable airline tickets from Mayflower Cruises & Tours, the TPP does not provide a refund for the airline tickets in the event of a cancellation or a return transportation benefit if you must return home early. You will only be charged the TPP premium for the land tour instead of the premium for land tour with air. Should you choose not to purchase our Travelers Protection Plan, the following per person cancellation charges will be assessed for all tours and optional excursion costs:


North America Tours

    • 61 days or more: Deposit Amount

    • 60 to 31 days prior: 20% of tour cost

    • 30 to 15 days prior: 30% of tour cost

    • 14 to 1 day prior: 40% of tour cost

    • Day of departure or early departure from tour: 100% of tour cost

    • No refund on unused portions of the tour


Alaska Cruise Southbound Adventure, Hawaiian Cruising in Paradise, 

Canadian Rockies by Rail, New England & Canada Autumn Cruise

    • 121 days or more: Deposit Amount

    • 120 days until day of departure: 100% of the tour cost

    • No refund on unused portions of the tour


Exclusions: Mayflower Cruises & Tours reserves the right to alter its Refund and Cancellation Policy when a substantial amount of cancellation or postponement of travel is attributable to: conditions resulting from an act of God, natural or man-made disaster, fire, government action, civil disorder, war, hostilities between nations, or unavailability of transportation through no fault of Mayflower Cruises & Tours.


Air Services: Airfare may be purchased through Mayflower for travel originating in the United States. By using Mayflower’s air services, you accept that Mayflower is only acting as your agent and is not responsible for any accident, death, personal injury, illness, property damage, delay or other monetary loss or expense of any nature that may arise directly or indirectly out of any act of God, or any actions or default of any carrier. Mayflower is not liable for, and does not assume responsibility or accept claims with regards to any losses incurred due to cancellation of flights or change in flight schedule resulting in additional expenses to you, even when the air services are purchased through Mayflower.


Tour Price Includes: All Motorcoach transportation noted in the tour itinerary, round trip airport transfers on the tour departure and return dates (only), services of the Tour Manager and driver, lodging, sightseeing, taxes, admissions, gratuities for bellmen and waiters for included meals, as well as future travel credits. Included meals are clearly noted in the touring description. Air transportation is available upon request, at additional cost, for United States and Canada Tours. For travelers purchasing their own air, airport transfers are included provided their flight arrival and departure times meet the time frames suggested in the brochure.


What is Not Included on the Tours: The land price of your tour does not include airfare to the tour departure point; excess luggage charges; items of a personal nature; meals not included on the itinerary; sightseeing attractions listed as “optional excursions” and gratuities to the full time Tour Manager, Motorcoach driver, all airport skycaps, van or limo drivers and local guides.  


Airline Security Measures: The Transportation Security Administration requires that travelers provide their name exactly to their airline as it appears on the passport or a government issued I.D.(such as a drivers license) to be used while traveling, along with their date of birth and gender when making reservations to fly within the U.S. When making your flight reservations through Mayflower Tours, you will be asked for this information by our staff. Due to airline security measures, your photo I.D. or passport must match your airline ticket name and your tour reservation name or you may be denied aircraft boarding.


Passport & Visas for Canada: Each U.S. citizen must have a valid passport for entry into Canada. No other documents will be accepted.  Expiry date of passports should be at least six months after the return date of tour. If you don’t have a passport, call our office and we’ll tell you how to apply for one. Holders of non-U.S. passports should contact their nearest consulate and inquire about the necessary passport or visa documentation required for entry into the countries visited.

Insurance Benefits are underwritten by: United States Fire Insurance Company, 5 Christopher Way, 2nd Floor, Eatontown, NJ 07724 under Policy Form Series T210. For complete details on the protection plan refer to the Description of Coverage Brochure enclosed with your deposit receipt.

Important: The Travelers Protection Plan must be purchased by the time of initial payment and may not be purchased at a later date. 

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