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Grand Italy with Split
Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice
 13 Days • Meals
From the coastal city of Gaeta, cruise to the enchanting island of Capri in the Bay of Naples and onwards to the ancient port city of Catania on Sicily’s east coast. Dock in the Ionian port of Crotone and cross the Adriatic Sea from Bari, to the Croatian city of Split and back to Ancona, the capital of Italy’s Marche Region. Stop in the country’s northern port city of Trieste and conclude in magnificent canal-lined Venice.


Day 1  Depart the USA
Day 2  Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Day 3  Gaeta, Italy
Day 4  Capri, Italy
Day 5  Catania, Italy
Day 6  Crotone, Italy
Day 7  Bari, Italy
Day 8  Split, Croatia
Day 9 - 10  Ancona, Italy
Day 11  Trieste, Italy
Day 12 -13  Venice, Italy

Days 2 - 13  Abroad the Emerald Azzurra


 Dates and Rates
Departure Dates Stateroom/Suite Deck Per Person twin
November 21, 2022 Oceanview Stateroom - D 3 $6,525
Balcony Stateroom - B 4 $8,975
Balcony Stateroom - A 5 $9,435
Deluxe Balcony Suite - S 6 $11,505
Terrace Suite - T 5 $11,895
Yacht Suite - Y 4 $13,245
Owner’s Suite - SA 6 $22,435
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Each U.S. citizen must have a valid passport.  Expiry date of passports should be at least 6 months after the return date of tour. If you don’t have a passport, call our office and we’ll tell you how to apply for one. Some countries require visas for entry by U.S. citizens. We will send visa applications and instructions if a visa is required for your tour.  Holders of non-U.S. passports should contact their nearest consulate and inquire about the necessary passport or visa documentation required for entry into the countries visited. NOTE: Due to airline security measures, your passport name must match your airline ticket name and your tour reservation name or you may be denied aircraft boarding.


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from $6,525 per person
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