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Mystery Tour
 5 Days • 8 Meals
Holiday by Motorcoach
Climb aboard for a journey that will keep everyone guessing! Travel to exciting and unknown locations; enjoy delicious dining experiences and many surprises along the way. Past journeys have visited historical sites, dined on cruise boats, enjoyed musical theaters. Come along to solve the mystery!

  • Free home or local pickup and return
  • 8 Meals (3 dinners, 1 lunch and 4 breakfasts)
  • Travel to exciting locales featuring unique entertainment, delicious dining experiences and surprising twists and turns
  • $25 in Mayflower Money

Day 1-5  
Meet your Tour Manager who is ready to answer any questions you may have about your tour, except one – your Mystery Tour destination! No government secret has ever been as closely guarded as this one. There is no prying this surprise out of anyone, not even the motorcoach driver! While we head west (or is it east, north or south?) be prepared for five days of good old-fashioned fun. Previous Mystery Tours have dined on cruise boats, kicked up their heels at a barn dance, taken hayrides, visited antebellum homes, enjoyed a variety of theatre and musical performances, toured gangster and gambler haunts, as well as learned about America at various historic sites. So pack a feeling of intrigue and surprise along with your luggage on your next Mystery Tour. Come along on the Mystery Tour. Where are we going, we’re really not sure. Heading North or South, or into the sun, Wherever we go, it’s sure to be fun!



 Dates and Rates
Departure Dates Per Person twin Single Room Availability
May 11, 2021 Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
June 8, 2021 Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
August 10, 2021 Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
September 14, 2021 Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
October 12 & 19, 2021* Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
December 8, 2021** Request a Quote $1,449 add $449 Available
Call for air rates and schedules.
*Autumn Mystery Tour **Holiday Mystery Tour


Save up to $100 per couple
from $1,349 $1,299 per person
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