Located in the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, Yellowstone is on the National Parks bucket list of not only many Americans but people from all across the globe. Yellowstone is the USA’s first National Park! There’s no shortage of activities and sites to see while visiting, and most people leave planning for their next visit. Visitors to Yellowstone will find unique hydrothermal and geologic natural wonders, hiking trails, native wildlife, fishing and swimming spots, campgrounds, and even sky tracks. There’s just so much to see and do in the Yellowstone Ecosystem!

At Mayflower, our Yellowstone and Jackson Hole tour provides an excellent collection of attractions to build lasting memories. With tour dates in summer months, Our Yellowstone, Tetons and Mt Rushmore tour also utilize the summer as a prime touring time.  The summer warmth ensures that most of the park areas will be accessible without fear of weather causing trips to be delayed.

Yellowstone National Park in Summer

Summer in Yellowstone means a visitor getting to see the vibrancy of life across the entire park.Many consider June to September to be the best months to see wildlife within the park. Because all the park facilities and roads are open and all the natural attractions are accessible, summer is the season that allows you to explore Yellowstone National Park to the fullest. The crowds really aren’t that bad. The boardwalks and scenic points (Mammoth terraces, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, and Fountain Paint Pots) are crowded, yes, but most people don’t go more than a few hundred yards from their car. Ultimately, the summer views will be well worth the time spent in these lines to see the natural landscape at its best.

While the summer is breathtaking, there are some suggestions to be considered:

  • Bring and Apply plenty of mosquito repellent. The warmer months can bring with them plenty of insects, so applying mosquito spray is strongly advised.
  • Be careful on the boardwalks. As beautiful as the sites and scenes may be, the areas directly off of the boardwalk are some of the most extreme on earth.  The pots of near-boiling water are also highly acidic.  As a result, it is imperative to stay only on designated boardwalks and paths.
  • Give the wildlife plenty of space:  While they may seem calm and tame, the buffalo, wolves and even geese at the park are wild animals and are to be treated as such.  Every year there are injuries sustained by those who don’t give the animals at Yellowstone their space. Watching from a distance is the nest way to watch safely.

Yellowstone National Park in Winter

Yellowstone in Winter offers a magnificent counter to the vibrancy of summer. Instead of colorful meadows and forest, ice and snow will delight your senses and amplify the scenery.

The snowy forests take on a mystical silence, clouds of steam billow up gently around deserted hot springs and an air of solitude permeates the pristine, snow-covered wonderland. Experience the serenity of the season by exploring Yellowstone National Park this winter. Yellowstone is open to visitors year-round, but getting into the park during the winter months might require booking a one-of-a-kind experience. Since Yellowstone National Park closes its East Entrance along with many roads and services each fall, travel into and around the park requires more planning this time of year. But it’s oh so worth it.

Worried the cold will limit your options for activities?  Here are a few of the winter activities popular in the park.

  • Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing.
  • Snowmobiling
  • Spotting wildlife

Additionally, the geysers, and geothermal features take on a completely new look during the winter months.  Hot water sprayed into cold, dry air leads to some amazing beauty as some of the larger geysers will act like snow-machines on the coldest days.

As you trek in the snow from venue to venue, watch for the migrating herds of wildlife as they move from one winter stay to another. The herds of Bison and deer will amaze as they move through the cold landscape as they have for ages. As in all cases, it is still advised to admire their beauty from a distance, and respect their space.

No matter the time of year, Yellowstone is always a sight to behold.  Yellowstone National Park is a legitimate land of Fire and Ice where the sites and experiences are there to delight.  The majesty of this earthly wonder cannot be overstated but it can be witnessed.  There is a reason so many place the marvel of seeing Yellowstone at the top of their bucket lists.