Scenic Discovery Team

The Discovery Team is the core of our Expedition and Discovery Voyages, with up to 20 expert members who will enrich your understanding of each destination. With credentials and qualifications that span science, geology, botany, history, photography, archaeology, anthropology, marine biology, and glaciology, each expert guide can answer the most curious and technical questions.

A Voyage of Discovery

Step effortlessly into a Zodiac to alight safely onto ice beds and walk ashore. Feel the thrill of slicing your own oar blade through the purest of waters from a stand-up paddleboard. For the ultimate expedition experience, choose to soar above and dive below the horizon.

Take to the skies in state-of-the-art helicopters^, soaring above to view the regions in panoramic detail; or descend below the surface in our custom-built submarines^. When on board, regular lectures and information sessions will be hosted in the immersive theatre; or listen out for wildlife sightings, viewing them through your personal in-suite binoculars or Swarovski telescopes in the Observation Lounge.

Leading the Way

The Discovery Team is hand-selected and carefully curated for each voyage and destination according to their areas of expertise, to help best bring the regions to life in vivid detail. For the entire Discovery Team, their work is far more than a job – it’s a true, vocational calling that is made all the more meaningful to each of them by their ability to share natural, cultural and wildlife highlights with our guests.

Invaluable Expertise

With many years of experience and intimate knowledge of all team members, their enthusiasm and joy is ever-present when helping you spot whales or a colony of penguins. Every day on these waters is different and unscripted. Their expertise and insights are invaluable in ensuring your expedition experience is more than just sightseeing by providing a well-rounded understanding of the context and the environment in which you are exploring.