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Mayflower Cruises and Tours cares about our planet’s sustainability and we are working to do what we can to reduce our Carbon footprint – the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon compounds we emit due to consumption of fossil fuels.  We know we have a footprint, and we know we need to reduce it.

For decades, Mayflower has been an industry leader in sustainability and environmental concerns.  Mayflower was one of the first touring companies that made the compassionate decision to disassociate ourselves from any activities that exploit elephants. We will continue this effort to respect the environment and our impact on it.

 Mayflower’s Commitment to Sustainability

We are making a concerted effort for Sustainability to look for changes like using less single use plastic products, encouraging employees to use less paper and to recycle both at home and in the office, and by participating with organizations, such as Tourism Cares, who care for our environment and the people around the world.

For example, whenever possible, we provide travelers with a refillable, reusable water bottle to use while on tour, eliminating the need for single use plastic water bottles.  Additionally, going forward in 2024, instead of shipping travel gifts, we will be reallocating those funds to a partner organization that will use them to help reduce our carbon footprint by doing things like planting trees and other “planet positive” actions.

We will continue to provide printed travel documents with a document holder because we know that is important to our customers, however, we will continually look for more ways to care for our environment and its resources and hope you will embrace our efforts to cherish our planet.

We look forward to seeing you on tour soon!

Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known. —Carl Sagan