Lagoons, Reefs & Cultures of Fiji and the Pacific 2024
 9 Days • 23 Meals
Be immersed in unspoiled reef systems that are virtually untouched, experience sacred ritual practices of the proud locals, and swim, snorkel or kayak amongst a myriad of tropical fish, turtles and whales or relax on pristine white sand beaches. The archipelagos of Fiji and Tonga are the perfect destinations to recharge your batteries.

  • Only 228 guests on board (200 in Polar regions) for a truly exclusive experience
  • Spacious all-verandah luxury suite accommodation
  • Butler service for every guest and an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio
  • The finest selection of included premium branded beverages, with a choice of over 100 whiskeys
  • Engaging lecture and education program with onboard experts
  • Dedicated Observation Lounge & Terrace for optimal viewing opportunities
  • Onboard Swarovski Telescopes and in suite binoculars
  • Indulgent 550m2 Senses Spa, gym, yoga and Pilates studio
  • Scandinavian inspired outdoor vitality pools
  • Lagoons, Reefs & Cultures of Fiji and the Pacific

Day 1  Lautoka, Fiji
Welcome aboard our ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht. Settle into your suite in the sweet ‘Sugar City’ of Lautoka. Located in the heart of the sugar cane industry, Fiji’s second-biggest settlement opens up a world of blissful beaches, dense jungle and the culturally rich Fijian life. Meal: D.
Day 2  Yasawa Islands, Sawa I Lau Island
This dreamy group of volcanic islands was the setting for the Blue Lagoon movies (both the 1949 and 1980 versions). Until 1987 the Yasawas were closed to land-based tourism and could only be viewed from a boat.

Discovery: Join your Discovery Team in Sawa-i-Lau, an island famous for its limestone caves, which are accessed by climbing stairs from the beach, passing a small door and then jumping into the larger cave’s pool. The second cave and pool can only be reached by swimming at low tide through an underwater tunnel. Meals: B.L.D.
Day 3  Tavenui Island
Taveuni is called the ‘Garden Isle’ for good reason. Bouma National Heritage Park comprises more than a third of the island, with the Waitabu Marine Park on the north-east coast. Activities are mostly nature-based, from swimming under waterfalls in the jungle to diving at renowned sites such as Eel Reef and the Great White Wall in the Somosomo Strait.

Discovery: Swim under waterfalls in the jungle, or dive at renowned sites such as Eel Reef and the Great White Wall in the Somosomo Strait. Meals: B.L.D.
Day 4  Lakeba Island > Lau Islands
Lakeba is the home of the Tui Nayan (chief). Historically, warlords from Tonga based themselves here to conquer much of Fiji in the 19th century, lending a Tongan influence to many aspects of Lakeban culture. With no land-based tourism, Lau Islands is the least visited part of Fiji, having preserved most clan traditions. In contrast, the limestone landscape has been eroded into dramatic islets and arches. Meals: B.L.D.
Day 5  Vava’u, Tonga
Vava’u, an archipelago of around 40 coral islands in the south Pacific Ocean, is a captivating combination of lush vegetation, sandy beaches, abundant marine life and underwater caves. Mount Talau towers over the main island, offering panoramic views. Local traditions involve woven leaves from the pandanus tree, production of Noni juice and extraction of vanilla essence.

Discovery:Explore the islands’ clear blue waters in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, or relax on one of the beautiful beaches. Meals: B.L.D
Day 6  Hunga Tonga
The world’s newest island is unofficially known as Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai, named after the two islands it lies between. It formed in December 2014 after a submarine volcano erupted, sending steam, ash and rock into the air. When the ash finally settled, it interacted with the seawater and solidified, creating the new island.

Discovery: Snorkel, kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Meals: B.L.D.
Day 7  Fulanga Island, Fiji
Fulaga is a narrow crescent of reef limestone in Fiji’s Southern Lau Group. Adored for its beauty and lovely lagoon, the island has three villages: Muanaicake, Muanaira and Naividamu. The locals are skilled carvers, known for making outrigger canoes and wooden bowls, with some of their handiwork available for purchase during your visit.

Discovery: Walk through the villages and watch the locals carve outrigger canoes and wooden bowls, or glide through the waters in a kayak, stand-up paddleboard or enjoy hikes around the island. Meals: B.L.D.
Day 8  Beqa Island
Surrounded by one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, Beqa is untouched, with no cars or roads on the island. The lagoon has sunken wrecks, wall dives and corallined tunnels to explore underwater. See a wide range of pelagic fish, sharks, blue ribbon eels and octopus, with many of the dive sites just minutes from shore. Meals: B.L.D
Day 9  Lautoka
Disembark where it all began and bid farewell to your Captain and crew of the World’s First Discovery Yacht. Meal: B.

Days 2-8  Aboard the Scenic Eclipse


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