Travel Health Advisory: Coronavirus Update


Travel Health Advisory: Coronavirus Update

Mayflower Group Travel Policy and Advisory Update: COVID-19

December 3, 2020

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On behalf of Mayflower Cruises & Tours, we are here to support you during this challenging time, and we look forward to exploring our precious world with you again very soon.


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We are closely monitoring the changing global situation and remain committed to doing our best to assist with your concerns and adjusting your travel plans.  The travel industry and Mayflower Cruises & Tours have experienced challenging periods in the past. We are very resilient and focused on managing this situation to ease concerns and ensure more time for you to change your travel plans with us.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back to travel with Mayflower Cruises & Tours.

Click Here for Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV - Frequently Asked Questions


For over 40 years, Mayflower Cruises & Tours has been committed to the safety, health, and well-being of our travelers. While things have changed in our world, our commitment to our travelers remains as solid as ever.

To ensure your health, safety and peace-of-mind while traveling with us, we have established a “Travel with Confidence” program, with enhanced safety measures and procedures throughout our tours, from start to finish.

The following three areas address our commitment to exceed industry and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) standards, providing a safe and clean environment for all.


  • We are implementing new tour check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to ensure travelers a safe start to their tour.
  • Travelers will be asked to sign off on a few basic Covid-19 related health questions before joining the tour.
  • We will conduct touchless temperature checks for both travelers and staff at the start of the tour, as well as monitoring throughout the tour.



  • We will endeavor to practice safe distancing for our guests throughout the journey, on coaches and during excursions.
  • Masks will be used by travelers and staff alike at any time where social proximity could be an issue.
  • Travelers are encouraged to bring their own washable face masks; however additional face masks and hand sanitizer will be made available.
  • We will also reduce group sizes to abide by social distancing guidelines.
  • And we will provide wireless listening technology for many of our tours (domestic and international) which will help enable safe distances between travelers on excursions.



  • As a part of our commitment to clean, we are requiring enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures from our hotel partners and motorcoach companies. Additionally, we are reassured with the knowledge that our airline partners are taking very stringent measures for passenger safety.
  • Tour Managers will be trained in new and enhanced hygiene procedures and they will be in constant contact with Mayflower’s Operations support team for added reassurance. The disinfecting and hand sanitizing procedures that we and our travel partners are implementing meet or exceed those recommended by the CDC.
  • Travelers are encouraged to bring their own washable face masks; however additional face masks and hand sanitizer will be made available.
  • In order to maintain cleanliness during the tour, we are minimizing the amount of contact points for our travelers by revising the ways meals, coach seating, hotel check-in and other activities are carried out. We will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the tour.



We have always been committed to the health and safety of our travelers and team members, but we are raising the bar to an even higher level to ensure they are able to continue to enjoy the freedom to experience the wonder and joy of travel.



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