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The Tournament of Roses | Rose Parade
Tournament of Roses | The Rose Bowl Parade

With a month to go, one of the most exciting and brilliantly displayed parades of the year is drawing closer by the day.

Iceland Reykjanes Peninsula Uplift
Update Iceland's Volcano November 20th

The last week has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions for people from and visiting Iceland.  Two of our tour groups were on trips to Iceland in the last week and got to experience the sho

Support for the Cuban People
Support for the Cuban People Travel Criteria

Up until only a few years ago, travel to and from Cuba was strictly held to only educational, familial and other specific, diplomatic exceptions.

Iceland Earthquakes Move East as Magma Rises
Update on the Iceland Volcano Nov 10th

In the last two days the shaking and ground deformation on the Reykjanes Peninsula has continued , but with some potentially good changes for the Iceland Volcano situation.  In the latest updates,

Illahraun Fagradalsfjall Iceland Volcano
Update on Iceland's Volcanic Activity

It seems to be a common theme over the last 3 years. Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula been home to 3 eruptions and 4 failed magma intrusions since 2020.

Leafer Header
Exploring New England in Fall

New England, a region in the northeastern part of the United States, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Yellowstone And Red Rock
Yellowstone,the perfect trip for any season.

Located in the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, Yellowstone is on the National Parks bucket list of not only many Americans but people from all across the globe.

Holland Tulip Season Festival
A Blooming Wonderland: Touring the Great Lakes During Tulip Season

Touring the Great Lakes region during tulip season is an enchanting experience that combines the beauty of these immense bodies of freshwater with the vibrant colors of tulip blossoms.

Warsaw Poland Chopin Concer
A Walking Day In Warsaw

If you like to walk and view a nonstop tour of interactive history, then Warsaw (Warsawa) is should be on your "to-do" list.