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A Viking Voyage: The Arctic to America

20 Days . 53 Meals

By passing through the Hebrides, Faroe Islands and Iceland before crossing continents to Greenland, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, this epic journey will trace some of the same points on the compass visited by the Vikings thousands of years ago. Following in their historic footsteps, you’ll encounter for yourself the remote islands, magnificent fjords and icy landscapes that lay in their path. Some of which are still barely visited today. As you move through crisp Arctic waters, be on the lookout for the remarkable wildlife of the region, including whales, seals and seabirds. Yet another fascinating layer to this varied and extraordinary voyage.. more


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Arctic Adventure

15 Days . 38 Meals

Our Arctic Adventure voyage provides the complete Arctic experience, taking in the highlights of this spectacular region across 15 awe-inspiring days. Heading straight for Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen, you’ll waste no time in getting to immerse yourself in the Svalbard archipelago with its carved glaciers, towering cliffs and pack ice. Here you’ll spend your days marvelling at the unique scenery and searching for wildlife such as the walrus, reindeer and even the elusive Polar bear – king of the Arctic. Greenland’s East Coast is the world’s largest national park and fjord system where you’ll sail past pristine glaciers and thundering waterfalls. Walk on the arctic tundra amongst exquisite arctic flora, hike breath-taking mountain vistas and mingle with indigenous communities. And to end your extraordinary voyage you’ll witness the Land of Fire and Ice, visiting some of Iceland’s finest towns and landscapes.. more


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