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Best of Scandinavia

10 Days . 12 Meals

The remarkable cities of Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen and Copenhagen will come alive filled with history, the Viking legends, Hans Christian Andersen and The Little Mermaid. From vibrant Stockholm and it's wonderful mix of old and new to the colorful waterfront of Bergen. From the cobbled streets of Copenhagen to the thriving capital of Oslo. Add the unbelievable natural beauty of the Scandinavian countries and you'll have the holiday of a lifetime. . more

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Wild Scotland & the Hebrideans

12 Days . 29 Meals

A beautifully wild and rugged network of islands and coastlines will unfold before you on this magical voyage through the Scottish Isles. Making your way from Bergen, Norway, you’ll encounter pristine beaches, picturesque harbors and fascinating birdlife as you traverse Scotland’s remote North Isles, Inner and Outer Hebrides – a network of hundreds of craggy islands offering spectacular landscapes. Once through the tranquillity of the archipelago, this diverse adventure will take a livelier turn, as you finish with visits to the Northern Irish and Irish capitals of Belfast and Dublin.. more


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